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HRSG Retrofit Solutions

New Retrofit Solutions for Waste Heat Recovery Systems

As Ethanol plants strive to increase production by operating at higher than rated capacities, Victory Energy is providing retrofit solutions to remove the constraints placed by the original Heat Recovery Steam Generator design.


Retrofit Baffles

Our new baffle assembly improves heat recovery performance by improving flow distribution of the flue gas over the HRSG heat transfer surfaces.

New retrofit down-comer area and roof area baffles redirect flue gas to improve fuel usage and steam capacities.

For more information about our new retrofit baffle assembly, CLICK HERE.



Economizer Metallurgy

Victory Energy has selected Duplex Stainless Steel as the ideal metallurgy for the make-up feed-water and cook-water coils.  With its unique properties, Duplex pressure part construction can mitigate risks from the following corrosion mechanisms:

  • Oxygen pitting from the non de-aerated feed-water.
  • Corrosive condensation from the flue gas.
  • Chloride stress corrosion cracking.
  • Acid corrosion from condensing sulfur compounds.

Victory Energy can provide replacement Duplex finned tube coils for quick field installation.  Our field service department can re-tube your existing economizer usually within three days during your next scheduled outage.  In some cases, entire shop assembled boxes or modules are available for quick and easy replacement. 

For more information about Duplex Stainless Steel as the ideal metallurgy, CLICK HERE.



Dry Pan Assembly

The separation of the steam-water mixture entering the steam drum is a complex process.  For every pound of steam generated, up to 20 lbs of water may circulate through the steam drum.  99.5% of the water must be removed from the steam to get the desired steam quality.  Moisture in the steam, which carries with it dissolved solids, can adversely affect piping and equipment downstream of the HRSG.

Operations in excess of designed capacities, sudden increases in steam demand, and impurities in the water are all factors that decrease the steam quality, which demisters alone are unable to handle.  All of the above lead to water level swell in the steam drum.  The capillary action that occurs in the demister pad wire-mesh actually draws water up against gravity, much like a sponge thereby decreasing steam quality.

Installation of the Dry Pan assembly requires minimal down-time and cost.  The Dry Pan assembly is provided pre-fabricated from our shop and is welded directly to the existing support housing.  No welding is performed on to the drum itself; therefore no hydro-static testing is required.  Victory Energy can install the assembly typically within 48 hours during your next scheduled shutdown.

For more information about increasing steam quality and the Dry Pan assembly, CLICK HERE.