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Quality Control

As in every area of the Company, Victory has gone to great lengths to develop our own, highly defined Quality Control processes. An Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) document with detailed checklists accompanies each product throughout the manufacturing process. Each product is subjected to extensive hold points. Manufacturing pauses while the Quality Control department inspects the product, checking to ensure perfection before the product proceeds to the next step. Victory uses a fully transparent system so customers have maximum opportunity to participate in the inspection process.

A single Victory boiler is subjected to more than 100 hold points.

Victory also has made a significant investment to develop a proprietary Boiler-Rig System. This adjustable steel structure supports the drums while we make modifications prior to stabbing the tubes into the boiler – ensuring that the tubes fit 100% perfectly into the finished unit.

The payoff for our customers is a safe, reliable, quality product that installs and performs exactly as it is supposed to – from day one.